My Bikini Butt – 3 Simple Steps To A Better Butt

In this article, I will be going through a program that you can use to start to build a bigger ass today, and in the comfort of your home.

If you have read some of my other posts you will have seen how to expose and very much slag outside some of the solutions “quick fix” that simply do not work.

Well, things are a bit different this time…

The 95% of the people are doing wrong.

There are tons of misconceptions floating when it comes to grow a tail. Most notably, people fall into three fields:

  1. The types of rapid solution to spend money on tablets, powders and magic beans, which simply will not work.
  2. People who follow the magazines and articles such as “the ass of 5 exercises of breath” – which usually leads to the lack of results and stagnation.
  3. People who advocate purely bodybuilding (the best of three, but it is still not correct).

The problem.

Now, while the weighted proper training is one of the keys to a larger drawing (especially the road below, as you get more advanced) is only part of the equation. To truly achieve the best results, you should (especially in the beginning) incorporate a lot of lower load and higher repetition exercises; by the use of bands of weight. And the resistance of the body

These smaller load and gluteal exercises greater repetition can provide great loot shape the outcome for the newcomer (and can be a lot of fun: P), while still provides purpose or ass more advanced blasting fitness enthusiasts.

Getting a bit more technical, most of the fibers of the gluteus maximus muscle of a woman (what we want to grow) tends to be of type I., and research has shown that exercise repetition – low load higher yielding more activation of the type I fibres.

And my ass bikini system happens to be a perfect choice to activate those type I ass forming fibers.