Does Aguaje Pills and Powders Work for a Bigger Butt?

imagesIf you are interested in obtaining a bigger butt or a figure more curvier for some time, and now, you may be aware of the super fruit known as the buritizeiro.

Commonly known as the “fruit full of curves, it is important in the diet for the wife of Amazonian regions of Peru.

However, due to the popularity of recent, buritizeiro is something that women around the world are taking in the hope of obtaining a figure more curvier – naturally.

What is the Aguaje

Aguaje is a palm tree that grows out of the humid regions of South America. It is also known as Mauritia flexuosa, ite palm, ITA, canagucho (Colombia) and Buriti.

How Does the Aguaje Work?

Buritizeiro is a result of extrodinary containing 7 to 12 times more beta carotene (vitamin A) than the carrots. Along with that, it also contains large amounts of vitamin C and E.

But probably the buritizeiro is famous for its high amounts of phytoestrogens. These are essentially natures “natural estrogen, which are contained in abundance in this super fruit.

Phytoestrogens through consumption of plants phytoestrogenic imitarão the effects of estrogen own bodies.

Now, there is a connection between high levels of estrogen and more fat around the hips, thighs and buttocks. In the same way, woman with little body fat may be suffering from low estrogen.

Usually the woman with higher levels tend to have a figure more fertile and full of curves, especially in the hips, buttocks and thigh regions. So, if your body is not producing enough estrogen on own account, you can manually add it naturally through your diet – and this is where the logic of buritizeiro to curvacious growth.


  • Used for women trying to get a big butt, thighs, hips, etc.
  • Used to increase the estrogen in the body,
  • Used as a hormonal support for women suffering from the harmful effects of menopause.
  • Used in creams to the skin to provide moisture and ease wrinkles
  • Used by the natives of the region tended to treat burns, scars and skin problems usually calming
  • To provide essential fatty acids for purposes of general health, as well as to support the production of collagen to help with the skin elasticity and firmness
  • It contains vitamin C, which aids in the production of support and collagen of the immune system
  • By controlling the hot flushes

Pills against dust

As with any supplement, there is typically no difference between the tablets or powder. Pills of buritizeiro are essentially only of buritizeiro powder encapsulated in something that dissolves easily, such as gelatine powder of rice.

They are typically more expensive because of its convenience factor. As with the powder usually take a product more real to the dollar. So unless the factor appropriateness of pills are a must for you, I would almost always powder for the cost benefits.


The alleged “Amazonian super fruit”, hailed as a result of fertility by the amazônidas sites do not appear to have any concrete evidence to support that will ensure a greater collection supplementation.

However, on both sides of the fence, there are women claiming fantastic results and some results of consuming buritizeiro.

As with any product that you want to try, I always recommend that you first ensure that you have the appropriate foundations established before worrying about such additions.

A great estate, construction of program of physical fitness and diet focused on the cultivation of success is an absolute must, and should always have priority.

Once these things are in place, we can say that aguaja tablets or powder are worth a shot if you are looking for something a little more.

As with any supplement outside although; is not very hopeful too high, or you could be the victim of deception.