Fish Oil Recipe for a Bigger Butt

If you want to try the fish oil for the method of butt bigger – be warned, it smells very bad, even the fish oil pills “odorless” still have this smell of fish for them. Here is a recipe for a fish oil based booty Plumper that smells much better. You need (click on links … Read More

Does Fish Oil = Bigger Butt?

There has been a lot of fuss about the use of fish oil to make your buttocks bigger and you are probably curious if that ‘s true. The fish oil = butt bigger? The short answer is yes, and the long answer is yes, there ‘s a plumping effect, and you can really see the … Read More

Buruti Oil for a Bigger Bum

Buruti is a fruit that grows in the palm wine, also known as the maurtitia flexuosa in and near the wet areas of tropical South America. Buriti is called aguaje in Peru, but aguaje and Buriti are just different names for the same fruit. The tablet or powder form of this fruit is called generally … Read More

Pueraria Mirifica for a Bigger Butt

Puerarua Mirifica is an herb that is found only in Thailand. It is known in Thai as “Kwao kreu” or “Kwao kreu Kao” and belongs to the family Leguminosae, becoming a relative of soybean, beans and peas. The local communities in Thailand have been using Pueraria Mirifica for well over a century, mainly for its … Read More

Top 10 Butt Enhancement Creams Tested

Big tits used to be what made women feel sexy at that time. While many men and women still consider * sexy until today, have a greater and more sexy ass is gaining more attention. The tips of bigger and wider hips are “in” today. If you don ‘t believe us, just look at some … Read More

Top 3 Butt Enhancement Pills Tested

You are looking for a bigger and wider hips buttocks while reducing the waist? Well, there are a number of different types of things you can do to achieve your goal. Rear larger and wider hips became increasingly popular today, especially due to the fact that they are becoming highly targeted by celebrities. For example, … Read More